What's the Trick to Melt Belly Fat?

Is there is some secret pill or herb out there to melt belly fat without any effort on my part? Sorry to say, but no. Lord knows I've looked and tried!

The trick to melt belly fat is diet and exercise.

But wait, don't run away! Because I FINALLY found a diet I can stick to. There is no cabbage soup for a week (unless you really like cabbage soup), no unsustainable calorie limits, nothing like that.


Three Popular Diets to Melt Belly Fat

and Why They Didn't Work for Me

  1. Adkins Diet: I love my fats and proteins, but not enough to give up my carbs. I have never had such intense cravings, and they did not go away (and I did not cheat during the induction). I ended up obsessing over certain foods.
  2. Flat Belly Diet: also known as the MUFA diet. I tried this one and did OK on it for a while. But the calorie count for each meal is too low when adding a MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid) and I just couldn't keep doing it.
  3. Acai Berry Diet: sometimes it is advised to do a colon cleanse also. Now, I must admit, I almost tried this - till I got down to the small print and saw how much it was for a month's supply! I am sure I could have melted belly fat with this diet. But what happens when I don't take the pills anymore? Well, if past experience is any predictor, I'll gain my fat back and then some.

One New Diet to Melt Belly Fat

Why It Worked for Me
and Why It Can Work For YOU!

Strip That Fat: it's more of a diet system. It gives you a lot of tips to help boost metabolism naturally by what and when you eat. It stresses moderate exercise. The best part -- it comes with a diet generator that creates your diet based on foods YOU like to eat! Discover the best way to melt belly fat and keep it off with Strip That Fat!

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